Undersea Vehicles and Specialized Craft

Proteus DMUV

Proteus is actively supporting Navy and Special Warfare tests and trials. Customers include:

  • ONR Code 32
  • NAVSEA PMS 406
  • NCWC-Carderock
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • NUWC
  • Northrop Grumman (ANTX 2017)
  • NAVSEA PMS 340

Meet Proteus, a Dual-Mode Underwater Vehicle

Proteus is a dual-mode underwater vehicle designed to deliver larger payloads at distances of hundreds of miles in either manned or unmanned mode.

Enterprise Transformation: Proteus

Fleet Support Group has developed a dual-mode undersea vehicle that meets the mission requirements of two different naval communities in one platform.

“That changes the way people in those communities think,” says Ross Lindman, a director of operations in Technical Solutions’ Fleet Support group. “It helps those communities look outside just the requirements of their own community and think about vehicles that can do other things beyond borders of what their requirements are.”

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