Newport News Industrial (NNI) Supplier Resources


Potential suppliers, service vendors, and subcontractors desiring to do business with Newport News Industrial Corporation (NNI) will work with a small, but professional, purchasing group of experienced buyers, procurement analysts, and subcontract administrators.

The purchasing department focuses on the acquisition of materials or services and the giving of an accepted price or consideration in return. These actions require the establishment of uniform policies and procedures with respect to the Purchaser (NNI or Buyer) & Supplier (Vendor and Subcontractor) relationships. The following document links are provided for prospective suppliers doing business with NNI:


Newport News Industrial has a Business Development and Marketing Department of experienced professionals willing and able to respond to your expressions of interests or requests for proposals.

To contact the Business Development Team, start with Gerald Boyd, He can be sure to connect you with the appropriate person.

For our various product and service offerings NNI utilizes established pricing and payment terms and conditions that you may review at the following links: