Weld School – San Diego Shipyard


Weld School Graduates: Now 41 & Counting!

 JULY 21, 2017, SAN DIEGO SHIPYARD: Today we held our Weld School Graduation Ceremony for this year’s class of seven students. We are very proud of our Grads and look forward to all the great work they will do!

Students attended the 20-week school, on their own time, after their full work shift. The course was two hours every Monday-Thursday and six hours on Saturday. This class certified students in gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and flux-cored arc welding (FCAW).            



“The weld school program is a vital part of our ability to employ highly qualified welders who understand both military specifications and our shipyard standards, said Dan Flood, operations director at HII’s San Diego shipyard. “It is always our goal to be the best partner in the port and these recent graduates are now part of our skilled workforce of ship repair professionals who continue to showcase our technical expertise, while achieving superior results through teamwork.”



Congratulations to our newest Weld School Graduates and their Weld School Instructors!

Grads: Josh Rigney, David Ramirez, Hugo Michel Escoto, Christopher Hernandez, Thomas Murana, Cody Pittam, Enrique Vizcarra.

Instructors: (Seated, left to right): Thomas Goodlett, Abe Cuevas, Jesse Esparza, Roberto Perez.