Deployable Adaptive Global Responder Support (DAGRS)

Contract Type:
Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (MA ID/IQ)

Contract Summary:
The DAGRS IDIQ Contract provides coordination and technology based solutions that enable and assist Army, joint service, multi-national, and other combined (DOD/other organizations) responses to activities involving non-warfighting capabilities or a mix of warfighting and non-warfighting capabilities. This contract also provides a comprehensive tool to enable and enhance the ability of the Unique Mission Cell to collaborate and integrate capabilities of the diverse group of Government, industry, academic and international partners forming the global responder community of interest.

Deliver, at short notice, all the products within the following technical areas:

  • Electronic and Electro-Optic Equipment
  • Software Design, Development and Integration
  • Mechanical Components and Systems
  • System Integration and Human Systems Interface
  • Energy Generation and Storage
  • Individual and Platform Protection
  • Individual and Platform Lethality
  • Advanced Individual and Platform Mobility

Deliverable products relate to the following mission areas:

  • Technical Development and Support
  • Technical Integration
  • Operational Integration
  • Knowledge Based Service Requirements

Eligible Buyers:
Research Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM)
Communications Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC)
Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD)
Quick Response Branch (QRB)
Department of Defense (DoD) and other Government agencies


Contract Number:

Period of Performance:
08/04/2017 – 08/03/2022

Contact Information:
Constance A. Mitchell, Senior Contracts Lead
(703) 543-2825