Commitment to Sustainability

HII Technical Solutions' Commitment to Sustainability

Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Technical Solutions division (HII-TSD) has a long and distinguished history of corporate citizenship. Our core values and culture remind us of the importance of protecting the environment and serving the communities in which we operate. Our employees and our stockholders demand forward-thinking, green initiatives that foster social and environmental excellence.

Our environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts are well recognized. As a company, we are committed to waste and emissions reduction and to preserving and improving air and water quality in all of the communities in which we operate.

HII operates and maintains several nuclear facilities on behalf of the Department of Energy, helping to clean waste sites while minimizing the impact of newly generated nuclear material. We also provide engineering and surveying services to the oil and gas industry to ensure that pipelines are designed and built to prevent releases and minimize the impact on local wildlife both on and off shore.

Many of our other programs supporting the Department of Defense, federal agencies, and commercial customers have been recognized for their environmental excellence. For example, HII’s San Diego Shipyard was honored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the nation’s first zero-discharge shipyard. Other awards received include:

  • Port of San Diego’s Green Business Network award for Clean Transportation
    • Diesel vehicles and forklifts have been replaced with newer, electric or natural gas/propane powered vehicles
    • Initiatives for employees to take alternative forms of transportation
  • San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) iCommute Diamond Award – Platinum Tier
    • Low single occupancy vehicle percentage, achieved through ridesharing and alternative transportation incentives

We are also pleased that many of our employees volunteer their own time and energy to preserving our greatest natural resource–our environment–for future generations. Learn more about how our employees are transforming our communities.

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