Technical Solutions, a new division of Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII), was established in 2016, when HII acquired Camber Corporation and consolidated the existing service businesses of HII into one operating division. The consolidation involved the merging of AMSEC, Continental Maritime of San Diego, HII Mechanical, HII Nuclear, Undersea Solutions Group and UniversalPegasus International. The four operating groups are comprised of:

  • Fleet Support Group – Legacy AMSEC, Continental Maritime San Diego and Undersea Solutions Group
  • Missions Driven Innovative Solutions Group – Legacy Camber Corporation, Legacy G2 Inc., Legacy Fulcrum
  • Nuclear & Environmental Group – SN3 and Newport News Industrial
  • Oil & Gas Group – UniversalPegasus International

Some of these companies are operating under their legal names. Please select the individual company listed below for contract info.

Commitment to Sustainability