Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Fabrication and Modular Construction

Fabrication and Modular Construction

HII Mechanical’s capabilities include the fabrication of tanks, pressure vessels, structures and shield panels and piping assemblies. Our capability ranges from fabrication of individual components to modular construction of fully outfitted equipment skids and complex modules. We have extensive experience working to AWS & ASME standards for commercial customers; as well as nuclear and pressure vessel projects for government and military (DOD & DOE) requirements. We also maintain certificates of authorization from ASME and the National Board for fabrication, modifications, and repair.

HII Mechanical has experience in construction with carbon steels, low and high alloy steels, super alloys and other weldable material. Components and modules are fabricated at our main facility in Newport News, Virginia allowing for ease of shipment and transportation. Larger fabrications can be manufactured at our high bay facility, also located in Newport News, Virginia, or at the installation site. HII Mechanical offers turnkey service with the capability for design, fabrication, testing and installation.

Welding/Welding Engineering

Welder WorkingHII Mechanical is unique in that it maintains the capability to provide welding services for both military and commercial customers. The company’s welding procedures have been qualified to NAVSEA standards for ship structure and piping/machinery/pressure vessels. For commercial applications, HII Mechanical’s procedure base also includes numerous procedures qualified to ASME IX.

Our knowledge of the AWS Structure Welding Code (AWS D1.1) allows us to fit, weld and NDE a wide variety of structures to the highest quality standards. HII Mechanical welders are qualified for flux core and gas metal arc welding of carbon and low alloy steels.

Welding Process Expertise Areas

GTAW (gas tungsten-arc) including pulse GTAW

GMAW (gas metal-arc) semiautomatic and mechanized

SMAW (shielded metal arc)

SAW (submerged arc)

Orbital and fixed head GTAW for mechanized welding of piping

Pulsed GMAW for out of position welding, semiautomatic and mechanized

FCAW (flux core) semiautomatic and mechanized

ESAB Boom Saw (Boom Welder)

Material Welding Expertise Areas

Austenitic, martensitic, ferritic and duplex stainless steels

Carbon Steels

Nonferrous metals (NiCu, CuNi)

Aluminum alloys

High strength low alloy steels (HY-80/100,HSLA-80/100)

Cr-Mo steels

Inconel’s (600,625, Hastelloy 276)

Weld Management System - WMS

HII Mechanical utilizes a proprietary weld record management system that streamlines the weld record process and protects final record quality. This system also improves the overall cost performance by reducing the time required to record a weld to mere seconds with nearly flawless accuracy. The system can provide a single report identifying all the welds with the inherent critical data and/or a highly reliable report for each weld. This system, when utilized, saves countless hours of administrative processing time over the standard ‘wet’ record process.

Weld Management System Welding Engineering

Project and Fabrication Examples