Nuclear Management and Operations

HII Nuclear's nuclear management and operations (M&O) at DOE sites are bolstered by the engineering and nuclear operations expertise and resources of Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII). We also provide reach back capability to HII’s nuclear technical and operations expertise where environmental management and remediation are part of the work scope.

Management and Operations

HII Nuclear provides project and program management services from development of management plans to the implementation of integrated project control systems to the management of multi-million dollar site and facility cleanup and operations contracts. We have developed and implemented facility programs and project management and control systems at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Grand Junction Office, Hanford, Idaho National Laboratory, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. During our tenure as Prime Operating Partner at the Savannah River Site, we have incorporated our best PM practices to lead key SRNS projects including the K-Area Final Storage Vault and Purification Area Vault, Canadian Target Residue Material, and a significant number of activities performed as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project. At SRS, we manage 5,500 employees, manage 101 active Hazard Category 2 and 3 nuclear facilities, and have met over 2,000 regulatory milestones.

Conduct of Operations (CONOPS)

HII Nuclear’s CONOPS Program consists of formal documentation, practices, and actions implementing disciplined and structured operations that support mission success and promote worker, public, and environmental protection. Disciplined CONOPS minimizes the likelihood and consequences of human fallibility or technical and organizational system failures. Our CONOPS Program supports an Integrated Safety Management (ISM) System by providing real techniques and practices to implement the ISM Core Functions of Develop and Implement Hazard Controls and Perform Work Within Controls, and provide feedback for improvements thorough lessons learned.

HII has been at the forefront of the Navy nuclear program for 60+ years, providing state-of-the-art services while operating aging facilities that are in some cases more than a century old. Our owner/operator approach to conducting complex operations within a heavily populated urban area, along with the high expectations of our customer, drives us to develop maintenance and construction programs that ensure safe and compliant operations in a schedule- and profit-driven environment. HII Nuclear has more than 55 years of experience providing technical solutions and expertise to address complex environmental response actions and CONOPS for federal and commercial facilities nationwide, including site remediation, facility decommissioning, environmental restoration; landfills; groundwater treatment; Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) management; and regulatory compliance.

Systems Integration

Our systems engineers integrate the efforts of each engineering discipline to effectively meet our customer’s needs. At the product level, HII produces optimized systems of systems with proper interfaces. At the system level, engineers bring together component subsystems and ensure that the subsystems function jointly as a system. HII Nuclear employs the entire range of INCOSE systems engineering standards and disciplines, maintaining particular expertise in Requirements Management and Risk and Opportunity Management.


HII planners develop and maintain engineering and design products schedules to support the construction plan. Integrated planning schedules and network planning models identify critical paths, ensure that each discipline is kept in sync with each other, and facilitate the tracking and reporting of cost and schedule performance.


As a leader in the design of highly complex systems, HII personnel utilize state-of-the-art tools and design methods. We have applied 3D product modeling for design and manufacturing for over 25 years.

  • Computer-aided design
  • Modeling & simulation
  • integrated product & process development


For over 50 years, HII and HII Nuclear have performed comprehensive design and lifecycle engineering services for DOE and DOD-centric facilities, sensitive assets, and infrastructure systems. Bolstered by an NQA-1 design quality assurance program, we are skilled in providing lifecycle engineering services in and near nuclear facilities on a graded approach. We offer design services in all engineering disciplines and have established working relationships with sub-consultants in specialty areas. A representative list of our services includes:

  • Lifting, Handling & Shipping
  • Shock, Vibration & Noise Analysis
  • Multi-Physics Analysis
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Electromagnetic Interference Control
  • Data Networks
  • Voice & Video Distribution Systems
  • Component Engineering
  • Hydraulic Power Systems
  • Fluid Systems Analysis
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Testing, Grooming, Start-Up and Commissioning
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Materials Coatings/Protection
  • Instrumentation & Control System Design

Specialty Areas

HII Nuclear provides specialized engineering and technical experts provide additional services such as:

  • Human Systems Integration
  • Environmental, Safety & Health
  • Naval Architecture and Mass Properties
  • Signature Analysis
  • Materials & Welding Engineering
  • Non-Destructive Test
  • Facilities & Crane Engineering
  • Laboratory Services

Logistics and Life Cycle Management

HII produces a complete and affordable range of innovative logistics products and services to keep systems performing to design standards throughout their entire life cycle. Our professionals combine expertise with productivity improvement in a challenging resource environment to ensure customers the highest level of satisfaction in meeting life cycle cost requirements.

  • Technical Documentation
  • Maintenance Planning & Analysis
  • Configuration & Life Extension Program Management
  • Supply/Material Support
  • Training/Information Technology

Lifting & Handling Programs & Crane Maintenance & Certification

HII Nuclear has established procedures and programs for operation and safety requirements for lifting/rigging, use of mobile cranes, overhead cranes, and hoists. In fact, HII’s Newport News location operates the largest crane in the Western Hemisphere: “Big Blue,” a gantry crane capable of lifting 1,050 metric tons – the equivalent of two and a half Boeing 747s.

We ensure our success with strong, detailed work planning that involves all those who will conduct the lifts, and through application of engineered safety methods and procedures. We emphasize safety during all such lifts and conduct nearly a million documented lifts of greater than 10 tons annually.

Safeguards & Security

HII Nuclear routinely complies with a variety of laws, regulations, standards, and customer requirements to support our nuclear operations safely, and to ensure the security of information, processes, and materials. These include:

  • Information Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Safeguards & Security for Nuclear Material
  • Project Security Planning
  • Command & Control

Special Nuclear Material & Spent Nuclear Fuel Management

HII Nuclear personnel are experienced in defueling and inactivation of nuclear reactors, managing reactor plant test engineering and refueling engineers, engineering of lifting and handling of Special Nuclear Material (SNM), nuclear waste disposal, nuclear waste storage and handling, and nuclear waste transportation. We bring a demonstrated track record of leading large complex nuclear programs and managing nuclear storage facilities, with an emphasis on engineering analysis, design, construction, production, risk mitigation, and facility management. HII Nuclear carries a legacy of safely and successfully conducting more than 300 such projects and incorporating more than 10,000 discrete nuclear material handling evolutions.

Our experience includes all aspects of nuclear work, including reactor servicing; nuclear facilities infrastructure maintenance and management; SNM and Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) handling, storage; and management; propulsion and reactor plant overhaul; design engineering, emergency response; waste management; reactor defueling; and SNM storage facility management.

Radiological Waste Management

Waste managementHII Nuclear has cradle-to-grave waste management expertise, including large decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) projects. We assist our clients in identifying options for treatment, reduction and disposal for a variety of hazardous, radioactive, and mixed waste streams at CERCLA sites and RCRA facilities. Our commitment to the environment ensures that we strive to evaluate and assess remediation technologies that generate little or no waste. Our waste management services include:

  • Characterization
  • Minimization
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Scheduling & Transportation
  • Treatment
  • Disposal
  • Regulatory Compliance

Facility & Asset Management

HII Nuclear’s Asset Management experience is based on performing CONOPS, maintenance, and facility, infrastructure, and program management. We have extensive and well-coordinated inspection and maintenance programs for equipment, systems, and facilities that support all activities including nuclear operations. Our inspection programs are linked to production schedules and future program planning and allow for maintenance activities, system upgrades, and capital projects to be scheduled well in advance, facilitating the funding process for corporate and government budget cycles, and allowing for improvements to work with project schedules. Our significant facility and asset management projects include managing a 550-acre manufacturing and production shipyard at Newport News, VA; managing the management and operations contract at the DOE’s 310-square mile Savannah River Site, and our performance as Prime Contractor under DOE’s Legacy Management Support Services contract.

HII Nuclear’s parent company, HII, operates, maintains, and enhances more than 1,400 facilities at its six main production and production support sites. Our production operations for building more than 70% of the vessels in the U.S. Navy fleet encompass over 6.6 million square feet of manufacturing area. These operations extend to the maintenance and enhancement of over 180 manufacturing facilities with over 2.9 million square feet of manufacturing area and over 150,000 square feet of analytical space within nine laboratories. Located on the East Coast in Newport News, Virginia, the Newport News Shipyard’s vast and unique facilities span more than 550 acres along 2 miles of waterfront at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. HII manages and maintains readiness of the complete set of infrastructure support facilities, including a fire department, clinic, power plant, oil waste and chemical treatment facilities, oxygen plant, propane and welding gas farms, high voltage electrical distribution, telecommunications, high pressure air, compressed air and steam systems, materials test labs, and over 70 nuclear support facilities.

At SRS, HII Nuclear administers an approved personal property and asset management system in accordance with DOE regulations, 41 CFR 101 and 109, and SRS directives that address all actions related to acquisition, use, and disposition of government-owned property at the 310 square mile site. Under the contract, HII Nuclear accounts for 24,850 site asset items valued at ~$268M and we consistently perform $25M – $50M of modifications per year within nuclear and non-nuclear facilities at SRS.