Fleet Sustainment

Shipboard Maintenance and Modernization Teams

For over 35 years, HII has provided total ship system services for the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers, submarines, surface ships and small boats. As a Certified Master Ship Repair contractor, HII has performed nearly every conceivable naval maintenance and modernization project, from managing complex shipboard modernization projects such as high-tech classified equipment upgrades and whole-ship fiber-optic cable installations, to inside and outside hull, machinery, and propulsion repair, fabrication, and modernization. From wires to welds, HII can get any naval sustainment job done, whether at home in shipyards across America, or abroad via our mobile “fly away” sustainment teams.

Advanced Naval Supply Logistics and Warehousing Services 

To sustain the U.S. Navy’s fleet, HII employs complex logistics and supply chain management capabilities. Tracking every nut, bolt and system that comes off or on a vessel in support of repair, modernization or replacement, and warehousing millions of individual parts and components to be ready at a moment’s notice, requires some of the most advanced project management, warehouse management and tracking systems available. HII utilizes these systems and skills in support of our U.S. Navy client and transfers this expertise to meet the needs of our other defense and commercial clients.

Naval Operational Training and Support

HII uses its decades of fleet sustainment experience to solve related challenges for the U.S. Navy and other defense and commercial clients. From engineering and design of naval and non-naval systems, to facilities engineering and shore-based security design, to training design and rapid prototyping, HII is constantly sharing lessons learned and capabilities from the fleet sustainment shipyards to solving our customer’s toughest problems.