Mobile Classroom

training800Technical Solutions’  “mobile classroom” is a new approach to training a crew to operate or maintain equipment or systems while in the field, classroom or onboard ship. Rugged, waterproof tablets that can withstand a fall from four feet without cracking are issued to students before instruction begins.

The students follow along with instructors and perform hands-on, real-world simulations of equipment operation in both a guided and unguided formats.

Technical Solutions develops the training modules, then preloads the tablets to simulate different situations and allows individuals and teams to practice operating their systems as many times as needed. This same training is also available to the students through a secure external web server and will be available after delivery in order to support refresher and follow-on training.


Technical solutions is currently using mobile simulation classrooms in support of the U.S. Navy’s “Sailor 2025” initiative, which focuses on a continuum of performance-based learning throughout a sailor’s career. The capability can be tailored to any situation where students need to use simulation to learn how to operate or maintain new or upgraded equipment without having to practice on the actual system.