Maintenance University

MUMaintenance University (MU) provides maintenance management and integrated maintenance process briefings structured to address the concerns of each shipboard organizational tier as well as those of off-ship Maintenance Team members. Included are sharing best practices, applying lessons learned and helping to establish and sustain common practices across the Force. The material is presented by recognized SMEs in a pseudo seminar format.

The briefings’ primary focus is understanding the basics, how policy transitions to process, and how existing processes help ship’s force and the Maintenance Team to better identify, document, plan and manage work using available AIS tools and 3-M processes. MU integrates the contemporary maintenance concepts of Reliability Centered Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, and Continuous Maintenance in the context of the current maintenance initiatives.

MU Brief Summaries

All briefs are specifically tailored to the target audience typically using appropriate metrics and practical examples. Several briefings include hands on use of AIS tools. Each attendee receives a disk containing current references and aids in managing maintenance appropriate to their billet.

Watch Rotations

Technical Solutions’ Fleet Support Group helped develop new watch rotations that will improve the health and safety of U.S. Navy sailors. “The results were phenomenal,” John Cordle, a director in Fleet Support Group, said of their research. “One of the crew members said the words ‘life-changing.’”

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MU Mission

COMNAVSURFOR established the Maintenance University (MU) in 1998 to support the 74 Atlantic Fleet and 72 Pacific Fleet surface ships. MU delivers both classroom and shipboard technical expertise and training consistent with the TYCOM’s mission to provide trained Sailors and crews to support Fleet Commander deployment priorities, with the complementary goal of establishing an enhanced culture of maintenance excellence onboard COMNAVSURFLANT ships. Specifically, MU provides the ship with a unique combination of administrative, material assessment, and hands-on technical training delivered by subject matter experts. This includes practical exercises to improve the conduct of preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance and sustained self-assessment.

MU provides the crews of surface ships, as well as shore based managers, with the knowledge required to successfully plan and execute the spectrum of shipboard maintenance processes, from CNO Availabilities to Ship’s Force Upkeeps. All MU briefings are referenced based, real-time current, provide an integrated understanding if maintenance processes, best practices and lessons learned. They are tailored to the target audience, from Major Commanders and Department Heads to Work Center Supervisors, and delivered as an integral part of the Surface Warfare Officer training program at Newport, Rhode Island and at Fleet Concentration Centers.

MU Announcements

Directions to our training facilities

Briefs are being scheduled in Norfolk, VA and San Diego, CA. Please refer to the information below and in the Catalog of Navy Training (CANTRAC).

Surface Ship MU Schedule in Norfolk, VA

Briefs are conducted at:

Norfolk Naval Base Training Support Center
Hampton Roads Bldg N-30
1474 Gilbert St., Rooms 228 229, & 231
All classes start at 0800

Reservation Quotas in any of the Norfolk scheduled training briefs can be accessed through (eNTRS). Please Click Here for instructions.

Surface Ship MU Schedule in San Diego, CA

Briefs are conducted at:

San Diego Naval Base,
(SWRMC Training Bldg 20)
All classes start at 0800

Reservation Quotas
in any of the San Diego scheduled training briefs can be accessed through (eNTRS). Please Click Here for instructions.

Contact MU

For additional information or questions, please contact: Maintenance University