Program Management and Process Innovation

HII Technical Solutions’ Fleet Support Group’s efficient program management and process innovations can assist you in:DSC_0008

  • Improving machinery systems and components availability, reliability and decreasing maintenance and manning requirements on board ships.
  • Producing accurate installation documentation
  • Selecting practical on site engineering solutions for alteration interface, testing, integration, and system perability issues.
  • Assuring strict adherence to the Fleet Modernization Program (FMP).
  • Ship Check / Site Survey
  • Development of installation modification kits
  • Warehousing, delivery and removal of shipboard equipment
  • Shipboard industrial safety and health compliance
  • Rehabilitation of spaces
  • Gas-free engineering
  • Quality assurance / ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Tools and Processes:

  • Sophisticated work breakdown and project management tools
  • Logistics material element planning matrix. This tracks CDM information, supply / materials, technical documentation, general and special test equipment, maintenance documents, and manpower / training impact analyses
  • Drawing tools include AutoCAD, MicroCad/Helix and a variety of productivity enhancing add-ons
  • Our reference library includes web-based access to all essential military and commercial specifications

Our installation design process includes interaction with system operators and maintainers to improve the post installation reliability and maintainability or our designs.

FSG also provides engineering, design, logistics, information technology, data management and training solutions in addition to our maintenance and modernization support services. For more detail, please visit the following capabilities pages and brochures:

Capabilities Brochures: